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4 tips from D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS to increase your sales during the Ankorstore’s Showroom Weeks
shop opening event
Organising a successful launch event for your store opening: 7 ideas to create buzz
Why alcohol-free spirits and mocktails are the hottest trend for your store
Visual Merchandising for Your Store: Design Tips for Your Retail Shop
Retailers’ stories: the journey of Robin to the opening of his fashion store, “LFC - Be Fresh Wear French”
18 Instagram ideas to help your business stand out
How do I get a business licence for a retail store in the UK?
Here’s how Ankorstore can benefit your network of independent retailers.
Creating financial projections and forecasting for your business plan

Financial projections and forecasting are incredibly important for your retail store. In order to assess the health of your retail venture, you need to be able to look ahead at future inflows and outflows of cash and reassess historic returns. We’ll teach you how in our article.

Explore La Baignoire, an exquisite boutique specialising in zero-waste luxury bathroom essentials.

Coralie Leplat, an independent retailer and Ankorstore user, introduces us to La Baignoire, her Parisian sanctuary dedicated to luxurious bathroom essentials and organic, natural products. Immerse yourself in her tranquil oasis. 🛁

Best Loyalty Rewards and Programmes for Your Retail Store

As a new retailer, it is good to start thinking about customer loyalty programmes early. There are many different rewards programmes in use today, so take the time to think about what fits best with your clients and how to make your system a success.

How to negotiate prices with suppliers

Negotiating with suppliers can be a tricky exercise, especially for first-time independent retailers. Nonetheless, it can make a major difference for your business. Find out what you can do to maximise your chances of a successful supplier negotiation.

Managing customer reviews: 5 best practices

Make customer reviews work for you! With a staggering 75% of consumers searching online for reviews and information of a product or service before making a purchase, integrating customer reviews into your business strategy as an independent retailer is non-negotiable. Learn how to successfully manage online customer reviews today!

10 key principles of visual merchandising for a retail store by Sarah Manning, Visual Merchandising Courses & Consultancy

Discover the tips of Sarah Manning, visual merchandising expert and consultant, on the most important principles to curate the visual merchandising aspect of your shop

How to pack your parcels to avoid damaged products: 5 tips from our logistics experts

Say goodbye to breakage and damaged products! In today’s fast-paced retail environment, ensuring your parcels arrive intact is crucial for maintaining strong relationships with independent retailers. Our logistics experts have distilled their knowledge into five essential steps that not only reduce breakage but also boost your retailers’ confidence in your brand.

How to Raise Funds for Your Retail Business

Starting a new retail adventure is an exciting time for any small business owners, but from ideation to creation is a big step: financing. Read on to learn how to find investors and secure the starting capital you need to fund your retail business.

How do I Set the Price of My Retail Products?

How do you set prices for your retail products, and what factors do you need to take into account when creating your pricing strategy? Learn about some of the most important issues that you need to be aware of when setting your prices.

How to select the right stock for your store? Nicolas Loeuillet explains this to us in his interview with Audrey Gallier

In this interview, we get into the crucial topic of stock management, offering concrete and practical advice to help you build your assortment strategically and effectively. Nicolas Loeuillet shares his experience, valuable insights and tips on creating a balanced and profitable assortment.

Conducting Market Research for Your Retail Business

We’ll take a deep dive into market research, taking a look at primary and secondary sources and how you, as a small retail business owner can conduct your own market research, as well as why you should!

How to organise a kids store: 5 tips to create a magical experience for young and old!

Discover the magical world of children’s boutique design and decoration. From clever shelf arrangement to adding a touch of whimsy—explore our top tips for making your space a magical playground!

Bottles of perfume for sale on shelves
A step-by-step guide to opening a perfumery

Are you looking for guidance launching a lucrative perfumery business? In that case, you’ll find here a comprehensive and step-by-step guide on how to start a perfume-selling business. Learn all you need to know to become a professional perfume retailer and get your shop off the ground!

The essential safety guidelines of a retail store

Ankorstart experts explain safety guidelines for a retail store, identifying potential risks and providing insight on how to avoid injuries through the implementation of security policies.

How to arrange your delicatessen: our best advice for independent retailers

Let’s take a closer look at the ideal layout for a delicatessen or fine food store. This type of shop is favoured by foodies on a quest to find the best quality products and seek expert advice from the retailers. In this article, we share our best advice on setting up a delicatessen efficiently and giving your customers a shopping experience to treasure.

How to pick the location of your retail store?

To pick the best retail store location, various factors need to be considered. Discover all the tips you need to know in this article.

Masterclass in success: how Kalios became a firm favourite in the industry and on Ankorstore

Join us as Léonore Monnier, Retail Manager, shares Kalios’ playbook for success on Ankorstore. Let’s explore the essence of this exceptional brand!

Celebrating success and setting the stage: Our ultimate end-of-year checklist for retailers

As the year draws to a close, independent retailers find themselves at a crucial juncture — a time to reflect, express gratitude, and set the stage for a successful new year. In this guide tailored for our vibrant independent retail community, we’ll walk through a comprehensive end-of-year checklist. From thanking clients and suppliers to acknowledging your hardworking team and managing invoicing, let’s ensure your transition into the new year is both seamless and rewarding.

Five tips for a successful first festive season

Discover the ankorstart experts five tips for organising and managing a successful first festive season.

How to find new clients: five smart prospecting techniques for independent retailers

For independent retailers, connecting with potential customers is an important part of growing your business — and implementing innovative and effective prospecting techniques holds the key to sustainable success. In this digital era, we’ll explore practical, tried-and-true methods that will help you expand your customer base and make your store a stand-out destination for new shoppers.

Meet Dr Jaglas: the family-run pharmacy reinventing non-alcoholic spirits

Meet Dr. Jaglas, the German brand leaving its mark in both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic spirits industry. Learn more about the fascinating family-owned business and how they incorporate Ankorstore into their daily operations.

How to start a successful food business

Opening a new food business means dealing with difficult topics: financing, business plan, supplier management, legal activities. Discover here some pro tips that will help you elaborate your business strategy.

Starting a new career as a retail shop owner

If you are thinking of opening a shop as your new business venture, it’s best to learn all there is to know about the retail industry and how it operates in order to get you an edge over your competitors. This article focuses on how to open a shop in the UK.

Time to Shine: Embracing Metallics as the Key Trend for 2024
Small discounts, big payoff: How price reductions can help your brand grow

Discover how applying discounts can propel your brand to new heights, from increasing sales to building customer loyalty. Dive into our guide to mastering discount strategies and learn where and how to communicate these offers.

How to prepare for the grand opening of my retail store?

Find out how you can make the most of your grand opening step-by-step to convert this event as a good marketing opportunity.

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The easiest way to calculate break-even point for retailers

Having the ability to calculate the break-even point can help you make key financial decisions regarding your retail store. In this guide, you will find all the required information for performing a break-even point analysis.

Buchkantine: the charming meeting place in the heart of Berlin

Discover the charming Buchkantine store in the heart of Berlin! A combination of a bookshop, café and delicatessen makes this one-of-a-kind store a true place of camaraderie, set right on the banks of the Spree.

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