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Creating financial projections and forecasting for your business plan

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Best Loyalty Rewards and Programmes for Your Retail Store

As a new retailer, it is good to start thinking about customer loyalty programmes early. There are many different rewards programmes in use today, so take the time to think about what fits best with your clients and how to make your system a success.

How to negotiate prices with suppliers

Negotiating with suppliers can be a tricky exercise, especially for first-time independent retailers. Nonetheless, it can make a major difference for your business. Find out what you can do to maximise your chances of a successful supplier negotiation.

Visual Merchandising for Your Store: Design Tips for Your Retail Shop

In this article we’ll cover the key concepts related to visual merchandising. From product placement to window displays and all aspects surrounding your brand image, effective visual marketing affects how your clients see your brand and helps attract clients and improve sales.

How to Raise Funds for Your Retail Business

Starting a new retail adventure is an exciting time for any small business owners, but from ideation to creation is a big step: financing. Read on to learn how to find investors and secure the starting capital you need to fund your retail business.

Conducting Market Research for Your Retail Business

We’ll take a deep dive into market research, taking a look at primary and secondary sources and how you, as a small retail business owner can conduct your own market research, as well as why you should!

How do I Set the Price of My Retail Products?

How do you set prices for your retail products, and what factors do you need to take into account when creating your pricing strategy? Learn about some of the most important issues that you need to be aware of when setting your prices.

How to select the right stock for your store? Nicolas Loeuillet explains this to us in his interview with Audrey Gallier

In this interview, we get into the crucial topic of stock management, offering concrete and practical advice to help you build your assortment strategically and effectively. Nicolas Loeuillet shares his experience, valuable insights and tips on creating a balanced and profitable assortment.

What do you need a business plan for?

If you’ve ever wondered why you need a business plan or what it’s used for, read on. From market research to budgeting, there is so much day-to-day managing for small businesses that it’s critical to maintain clear objectives and a concise repository for all that information.

Opening a Shoe Shop in 10 Easy Steps

In this article, you’ll find all the information you require to get your business off the ground in this comprehensive guide on how to start a shoe business. In our article below, we provide you with some ideas on how to find success with your shoe store.

10 Visual Merchandising Top Tips for a successful Christmas Shop launch, By Sarah Manning

Create a standout retail experience for your shop’s first Christmas with Sarah Manning’s expert advice. From creating enchanting theatrics to telling compelling brand stories, these 10 tips will guide you in transforming your store into a holiday haven. Explore the article now for expert tips and make your first Christmas unforgettable!

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The easiest way to calculate break-even point for retailers

Having the ability to calculate the break-even point can help you make key financial decisions regarding your retail store. In this guide, you will find all the required information for performing a break-even point analysis.