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How to negotiate prices with suppliers
Shape your retail success with a winning product mix. Discover expert tips to curate a compelling assortment that drives sales

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How do I Set the Price of My Retail Products?

How do you set prices for your retail products, and what factors do you need to take into account when creating your pricing strategy? Learn about some of the most important issues that you need to be aware of when setting your prices.

How to select the right stock for your store? Nicolas Loeuillet explains this to us in his interview with Audrey Gallier

In this interview, we get into the crucial topic of stock management, offering concrete and practical advice to help you build your assortment strategically and effectively. Nicolas Loeuillet shares his experience, valuable insights and tips on creating a balanced and profitable assortment.

How to find the best selling women’s clothing at wholesale prices

Follow Ankorstart’s advices to learn to find out the best places to source women’s clothing from and how to work successfully with your suppliers.

How Can I Buy Wholesale Clothes for Kids and Babies?

Discover how to make the right choices to be competitive when buying wholesale clothes for kids, thanks to Ankorstart’s expert advices.

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Where to Buy Wholesale Alcoholic Beverages for My Retail Store?

Managing the supplies of your retail store with alcoholic beverages is a strategic matter. Discover how to simplify this process thanks to Ankorstart’s experts.

Where to buy jewellery wholesale for my retail store?

Finding the right jewels for your customers is crucial for any jewellery activity. Learning how to deal with a wholesaler and to manage your stock, especially during the major seasonal events of the year, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day is a long process. Ankorstart can help with this article and its precious tips.

How to find a wholesale clothing distributor for my retail store?

Finding great wholesale clothing distributors is essential to build the good reputation of your store. Here are some tips to help you with this strategic activity.

How to buy beauty supplies wholesale for my retail store?

Finding the right wholesale beauty suppliers is a key factor to ensure a smooth management of your products sourcing and supply chain. Ankorstart’s experts give you here the essential tips to find the wholesalers your shop need.

How to find the best food wholesaler for your grocery store in the UK

An efficient food supply chain is a key to success for grocery stores. Ankorstart’s experts give you valuable tips to help you manage the research of food wholesalers.

How to use the Ankorstore platform in a few clicks?

Learn how to use the platform and master all its features by watching our tutorial videos on the subject.

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How to find suppliers for a retail store

We explain step-by step how to find reliable suppliers for your retail store.