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Make the most of Ankorstore

Here’s how Ankorstore can benefit your network of independent retailers.

21 May 2024

As a brand leveraging Ankorstore’s wholesale platform, you’re undoubtedly attuned to our manifold advantages. Beyond the sheer exposure to over 300,000 retailers spanning Europe, your partnership with Ankorstore affords you access to a suite of digital tools, secure payment guarantees, and streamlined logistics solutions. Our commitment to refining and enhancing our platform stems directly from your invaluable feedback—we’re not just attentive, we’re responsive. With an in-depth understanding of the inherent challenges that comes with the wholesale industry, we’re able to design tangible, tailored solutions to help you achieve and maintain lasting success. 

Alrie Velleman

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Now, let’s pivot our focus to the crux of our collaboration: independent retailers. Ultimately, your aim and ours converge on a shared desire to better serve this community and help their businesses flourish across Europe. From the organic grocer in the German countryside to a bespoke concept store in the capital of France, we want to ensure they have access to products that are a perfect match for their store—at unparalleled buying conditions. Some might think that adding “the middle man” can be unnecessary in the relationship. But we reject that notion outright.  Ankorstore isn’t merely a middleman or an intermediary; we’re the cohesive force that binds your brand to retailers, akin to the attentive waiter in a restaurant, ensuring both parties receive exactly what they want. 

In this article, we will explore the concrete benefits for retailers when they choose to engage with your brand through our platform. We’ll answer crucial questions, such as why retailers should be encouraged to procure through Ankorstore and how your brand’s presence on our platform can significantly enhance their business operations. This understanding will help you empower retailers to make informed decisions and feel confident in their partnership with us.

We understand that retailers are the cornerstone of your success, and empowering them is paramount. Let’s delve into the significant benefits retailers enjoy when procuring through Ankorstore:

1 - Risk-free discovery

€100 Minimum order

At Ankorstore, we revolutionised the retail experience by prioritising discovery without the burden of hefty commitments. With an industry-first low minimum order of just €100, retailers can explore new products risk-free. This flexibility allows them to test, try, and innovate without the fear of financial strain. 

First-order free shipping

We’ve raised the bar even higher by introducing first-order free shipping for most brands on Ankorstore. That’s right – when retailers try a new brand, shipping is on us for their first order. With just €100, they can venture into new territory, exploring any brand at any time.

Welcome offer

And there’s more. We’ve recently introduced our new Welcome offer, designed to further facilitate the discovery of brands. When retailers join Ankorstore, they’ll receive €50 off per brand (on up to 4 brands), potentially saving up to €200 on their first checkout. Redeeming this offer is seamless – they simply need to enter their unique Welcome code at checkout and watch the savings add up.

2 - Convenience

It appears that variety isn’t just the spice of life – it’s also the key ingredient for independent retail success. Ankorstore offers a treasure trove of over 30,000 European brands, providing retailers with unparalleled access to diverse products and styles on a single platform. 

When placing an order through Ankorstore, whether it’s from one brand or twenty, it is still only the admin of one order. This streamlined process means that retailers can enjoy the benefits of a vast array of brands without the hassle of multiple transactions. With reduced administrative tasks, time saved, and resources conserved, Ankorstore empowers retailers to focus on what truly matters – serving their customers and growing their business.

 Watch our video to see how Fridolin Taudtmann from Buchkantine in Berlin leverages Ankorstore’s wholesale platform. 

“Simplified accounting: by buying from brands through Ankorstore, the store benefits from a single platform where all its orders are centralised and its suppliers easily traceable.” – Fridolin Taudtmann, Buchkantine, Berlin


3 - Buy now, pay later

In the unpredictable world of retail, cash flow management is paramount. Ankorstore alleviates this burden by offering eligible retailers payment terms of up to 60 days. You, the brand, still receives prompt payment within 15 days, while retailers enjoy the flexibility of deferred payment—a true testament to our commitment to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships. It’s what we call a win-win situation!

4 - The best buying conditions on the market

Determined to provide retailers with unparalleled buying conditions, Ankorstore introduces Ankorstore Plus—our membership programme designed to elevate the retailer experience to new heights. We work closely with you, as our partner brand, to make this possible. With your help, Ankorstore Plus members have exclusive access to the following benefits: 

Free Shipping

Ankorstore Plus members enjoy the luxury of complimentary shipping on orders from most Ankorstore brands. This means they can explore and sample new products with just a €100 commitment.

Repeat Offer Discount

Your pivotal role as our partner brands is instrumental here. We foster enduring relationships and incentivise reorders by inviting you to extend a discount ranging from 5% to 20% for retailers whose order value exceeds £500 within one quarter. This discount remains valid for the remainder of the quarter and the subsequent one – a win-win scenario where you secure reorders, and retailers enjoy enticing discounts. Learn more about the Repeat offer and how you can participate here. 

90-Day Payment Terms:

Eligible retailers receive an additional 30 days for payment, extending the payment window to a generous 90 days – that’s a full three months. What’s more, brands continue to receive payment within 15 days, ensuring seamless cash flow management for all parties involved.

How do you refer a retailer?

We know that you have worked hard to build up a network of customers, and we truly believe that referring them to buy from you through our platform has significant benefits for both you and them. That’s why we created Ankorstore’s Referral offer. 

Here’s how it works: You can introduce retailers (whether they’re already in your network or new prospects) to Ankorstore by inviting them through My Network in your account and sharing your unique Ankorstore Lift code. If they join our platform, you’ll receive 0% commission and 0% service fee on all their transactions. Retailers, in turn, benefit from a voucher (fully funded by Ankorstore) to use with your brand for their first order on Ankorstore and a 10% discount on all further Ankorstore orders for the next 30 days. 

Learn more about how to refer a retailer here.

By putting discovery, variety, and flexibility front and centre, we’re not just changing the game – we’re rewriting the rulebook for independent retailers. From forging genuine connections to fueling long-term growth, we’re on this journey together with our retailers and you, our partner brands. So, let’s keep pushing boundaries, breaking moulds, and making retail dreams a reality, one partnership at a time.

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