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How do I register for the programme?

To register for the Ankorstart support programme, please complete this form. One of our advisors will contact you within 48 hours.

Is support free?
What countries is Ankorstart available in?
Do I have to have a physical store to join Ankorstart?
Do I have access to payment terms?
How do I request a payment deadline?
How do the 30 or 90-day payment terms work?

Depending on your location and subject to eligibility, you can pay for your orders at 30 days or 90 days on Ankorstore (only available for orders over £50). The service is free and Ankorstore absorbs the costs. We pay the brands as soon as you confirm receipt of the products.

  1. You place your order on Day 1 — you will then be asked to provide Credit Card or IBAN details and to accept a direct debit mandate (this information is necessary for Ankorstore’s financial partners to collect your payment after 30 or 90 days)
  2. The debit will be made on your account at Day 30 or Day 90 (this means that the delivery time is within 30 or 90 days)

Eligibility for deferred payments is assessed by Ankorstore’s financial partners. Please contact one of our experts to find out the terms and conditions for your project.

Is there a fee for using the 90-day payment terms?
Do I need to have a physical store to be eligible for the payment terms?
Who are our Ankorstart experts?
How do I contact the Ankorstart experts?
How and when do the experts contact me?
Who are our partners ?
How do I become a partner?
How do I start buying on Ankorstore?
I have placed an order. How do I contact Customer Services?