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Fabulous partners at every stage of your retailer life.

At Ankorstart, we build lasting relationships.

To strengthen our support, we put you in touch with trusted partners to respond effectively to any issues you may encounter. Depending on the progress of your project, our advisors will introduce you to our network of specialists.

Sumup Caisse

Point of sale system
Revolutionise the way you work with a digital checkout system that simplifies your orders, payments, reports and more.

Business support is a coordinated industry-wide movement to support and empower every local shopkeeper nationwide

Completely Group

Commercial Premises
The Completely Group prides itself in assisting retail & leisure brands in growing their physical presence across the UK.

Policy Bee

PolicyBee is an independent, digital broker with a knack for covering retailers, sole traders and other small businesses.


Business Planning
We have partnered with Wayfinder to offer free support to startup retail businesses in London.

Sarah Manning

Visual merchandising
Sarah offers freelance Visual Merchandising consultancy and training to a variety of retailers to support them with implementing effective Visual Merchandising techniques within their businesses.

Virgin Start Up

Business funding
Virgin StartUp helps founders and future founders fund start and grow the businesses they’re passionate about by providing Start Up Loans and training.
Do you want to help future retailers? We have this in common!

We are constantly looking for new partners to grow our service offering: start-ups, incubators, public or private organizations, training centers, investors, etc.
If your mission is also to help future retailers, we want to collaborate with you.
Contact us today to explore partnership possibilities and let’s rewild retail together.