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Accounting limit for self-employment tax
Navigate administrative tasks with ease. Essential tips and guidance to manage paperwork efficiently.

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How Using a Purchase Order Can Help Your Retail Store

Ankorstart experts share some tips on how to produce a purchase order to streamline business practices, manage finances, and ensure to have enough stock.

The essential safety guidelines of a retail store

Ankorstart experts explain safety guidelines for a retail store, identifying potential risks and providing insight on how to avoid injuries through the implementation of security policies.

How to Register a Trademark for Your Retail Store

Learn thanks to the Ankorstart experts how to protect your brand and what a trademark is

The best point of sale systems for small retail stores

The POS is part of the customer experience. Here are a few pieces of advice to ensure you will choose the right tool while starting your business.

How do I get a business licence for a retail store in the UK?

The choice of your business licence for your retail store is not that simple. Follow these experts’ tips to understand this process easily.

How does VAT work for micro-entrepreneurs in the UK?

Running a shop is not easy. Ankorstart helps you to understand the rules of microentrepreneurship and VAT. Find out if your business is liable for VAT or not.

When does a small retail store pay tax in the UK?

Read Ankorstart latest blog post to find out when does a small retail store pay tax in the UK and avoid confusion.

How to issue an invoice – a quick guide for retail store owners

Knowing how to issue an invoice is crucial for retail businesses: read Ankorstart’s latest article to discover all the tips you need to know

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What type of insurance is needed for a retail store?

The choice of your retail store’s insurance is crucial. Discover all the tips you need to know in this article.

All about VAT for small retailers

VAT is an important topic for retail stores. Discover all the tips you need to know in this article.

What is the best entity to create a retail business?

Deciding on the right legal entity for a retail store is one of the most crucial decisions an entrepreneur can make. Discover all the tips you need to know in this article.