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Masterclass in success: how Kalios became a firm favourite in the industry and on Ankorstore

20 December 2023

Join us as Léonore Monnier, Retail Manager, shares Kalios’ playbook for success on Ankorstore. Let’s explore the essence of this exceptional brand!

Alrie Velleman

What is Kalios?

Driven by the passion of Grégory and Pierre-Julien Chantzios, Kalios is a family venture dedicated to showcasing Greek excellence in Europe. Their flagship product, the exquisite traditional Kalamata olive oil, is a favourite among top chefs and graces the tables of the capital’s finest establishments.

Kalios exemplifies quality through collaboration with traditional Greek producers, extending beyond a brand to Maison Kalios—a culinary haven on rue des Martyrs in Paris with a dedicated grocery corner for direct product purchases.

Watch our insightful interview with Léonore Monnier, Retail Manager at Kalios:

Kalios' strategies for success on Ankorstore

1. Make the most of the unique Referral offer and Lift code

The Lift code (your unique referral code) is a voucher that you can send to potential clients and acts as a helpful tool to convert prospects. 

Since retailers can sometimes be hesitant to order from a brand they don’t know, Kalios uses this voucher so new retailers can discover their products at a lower cost.

Find out more about the Referral Offer in our FAQ article.

2. Optimise the "Campaigns" tool

Ankorstore’s Campaigns tool allows you to send strategic email campaigns to your network of retailers. Your network is segmented according to their profiles, for example: eligible for the Referral offer, visited your page, have your products in their basket, are customers or prospects, etc.

When new products are released, Kalios sends information via this tool to their network, ensuring their brand stays top of mind.

Navigate campaign creation with our step-by-step FAQ guide.

3. Emphasise human connection

In the dynamic brand-retailer relationship, Kalios recognises the enduring significance of personal connection. Follow suit by allocating time each month to engage with customers or prospects with items in their basket. Diversifying communication channels—email, telephone, SMS—significantly enhances conversion prospects.

4. Elevate our catalogue presentation

Your shop page mirrors your brand, and Kalios suggests a strategic approach. Following their lead, position best-sellers and iconic products prominently.

For detailed guidance on enhancing your shop page, consult our Brand Success Guide on Ankorstore.

A heartfelt thank you to Léonore and the entire Kalios team for taking the time to share their insights with us!

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