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Meet Dr Jaglas: the family-run pharmacy reinventing non-alcoholic spirits

Meet Dr. Jaglas, the German brand leaving its mark in both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic spirits industry. Learn more about the fascinating family-owned business and how they incorporate Ankorstore into their daily operations.

How to start a successful food business

Opening a new food business means dealing with difficult topics: financing, business plan, supplier management, legal activities. Discover here some pro tips that will help you elaborate your business strategy.

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10 key principles of visual merchandising for a retail store by Sarah Manning, Visual Merchandising Courses & Consultancy

Discover the tips of Sarah Manning, visual merchandising expert and consultant, on the most important principles to curate the visual merchandising aspect of your shop

Starting a new career as a retail shop owner

If you are thinking of opening a shop as your new business venture, it’s best to learn all there is to know about the retail industry and how it operates in order to get you an edge over your competitors. This article focuses on how to open a shop in the UK.

Small discounts, big payoff: How price reductions can help your brand grow

Discover how applying discounts can propel your brand to new heights, from increasing sales to building customer loyalty. Dive into our guide to mastering discount strategies and learn where and how to communicate these offers.

How to prepare for the grand opening of my retail store?

Find out how you can make the most of your grand opening step-by-step to convert this event as a good marketing opportunity.

Buchkantine: the charming meeting place in the heart of Berlin

Discover the charming Buchkantine store in the heart of Berlin! A combination of a bookshop, café and delicatessen makes this one-of-a-kind store a true place of camaraderie, set right on the banks of the Spree.

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The easiest way to calculate break-even point for retailers

Having the ability to calculate the break-even point can help you make key financial decisions regarding your retail store. In this guide, you will find all the required information for performing a break-even point analysis.

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