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13 Facebook post ideas to to boost your business

14 February 2024

A tried-and-tested method for boosting your online presence is to leverage Facebook marketing. By invigorating your Facebook presence, you open doors to community building, brand amplification, and the opportunity to be discovered by a new audience.

In the quest for social media success, gaining followers and fostering audience engagement depends on consistent content delivery with a well-thought-out content strategy. Yet, conjuring up fresh yet relevant post ideas can pose a challenge. 

Enter the editorial calendar—a proactive social media strategy essential for safeguarding against content droughts. But what happens when inspiration dwindles?

We’ve got you! Discover 13 dynamic facebook post ideas to drive your business social media success shared with you below! 

Alrie Velleman

What is ideal content to post on a company or independent retailer’s Facebook page?

1. Announce new product launches

Share your shop’s new product launches on Facebook! How do you do it? 

  • Highlight the products with beautiful photos showing the product in action
  • Include a short introductory sentence
  • Add the main product information in bullet points if necessary
  • Don’t forget to add the product link to your online shop or web page if you have one!

2. Tailor messages for holidays and special occasions

Follow the seasonal calendars (calendars of recurring events often used in marketing) for your post ideas: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day—every holiday can be an opportunity to showcase your shop. Choose the occasions that are most relevant to your sector and create visuals or share photos for the occasion.

3. Sneak peaks and behind the scenes in your shop

One of our best digital marketing tips is to share special behind-the-scenes moments with your audience: new decoration, putting products on the shelves, unpacking stock, etc. It’s the perfect way to showcase your personality and forge deeper connections through your online presence/

4. Organise a competition

Looking to amp up your engagement? Consider hosting a competition! It serves two purposes: rewarding your loyal fans and boosting engagement on your company page.

However, proceed with caution! When organising competitions on Facebook, ensure compliance with Meta’s regulations to avoid pitfalls.

5. Create a survey

Harness your direct connection with subscribers by launching a poll they can participate in. Whether crafted using Facebook’s built-in tool for closed questions or posed as an open query within a post, solicit their opinions on topics that pique your interest. This survey not only enables you to gather valuable data directly from subscribers but also encourages engagement through comments and interaction.

6. Share a customer testimonial

Customer reviews are some of the most powerful content to share on social networks and should definitely be included in your content marketing strategy as they bolster trust with your followers and spotlight your strengths.

If your company already has an advertising strategy for your online presence, you can also use these customer reviews to create high-impact Facebook ads. To learn how to create a Facebook ad, click here.

7. Broadcast a live event

Embrace spontaneity and excitement by hosting a live event on your account. Whether showcasing your latest products, giving a tour of your shop, or engaging with your audience through live Q&A sessions, live videos offer an unparalleled opportunity for genuine connection.

You don’t require professional equipment to go live—modern smartphone cameras are more than capable and add an authentic touch to your broadcast.

While live events may feel daunting for some, they offer a unique chance to boost audience engagement in real-time, making it an invaluable tool for those ready to seize the spotlight.

8. Communicate your offers and discounts

Tell your network about your upcoming or current discounts! With a colourful, eye-catching visual, this post allows you to highlight your offers. Additionally, consider creating exclusive discounts tailored for your followers. Share special discount codes for them to redeem on your online store or present at checkout. This personalised touch not only rewards their loyalty while creating a sense of exclusivity and appreciation.

9. Make people laugh!

Injecting a dose of humour into your content is a surefire way to forge deeper connections with your audience! Embrace the power of memes—those humorous photos that resonate with your industry or company—to add a lighthearted touch to your social media presence.

By sharing memes, you not only entertain your followers but also tap into current trends, making your content more relatable and shareable. So don’t hesitate to sprinkle some laughter into your feed—it’s a recipe for engagement and connection!

10. Repost content from your followers (UGC)

Leverage the power of user-generated content (UGC) by reposting photos where your customers feature your products or brand. UGC is highly valued by marketing professionals as it offers an authentic portrayal of your products or store through the lens of your customers. It is also a powerful tool for audience engagement as people relate to other people experiences. 

However, it’s crucial to obtain permission from the original poster before reposting their content. Always ensure that you respect their rights and seek their consent before sharing their photos on your page.

11. Share your experience

Facebook is the perfect place to share your experiences as a retailer with your community. Your followers may be interested in this aspect of your account. By associating a face, a person, with your business, you create a new link with your followers. Share your successes as well as your struggles in order to present a sincere and authentic image.

12. Notify your followers of changes in opening times

To ensure your customers stay informed and to minimise any potential disappointment, remember to keep your Facebook page updated with any changes to your opening hours.

13. Publish your job offers

Yes, you might not think about it, but Facebook can be the ideal place to publish your job offers. Whether you’re looking for staff for the short or long term, don’t hesitate to share these offers on your page. 

What are the best formats for generating maximum engagement on Facebook?

1. Video

If you want to generate engagement on your posts and get your content featured on the News Feed of as many people as possible, we recommend sharing video content.  Content marketing extends way beyond just written words, and luckily with Facebook’s popular Reels feature, it is easy to create and publish videos directly from the app.

These videos present an opportunity to provide tutorials on product usage, showcase new or favourite, or show a “a day in the life of” — the possibilities are endless. 

Did you know? You can sync your Facebook and Instagram accounts to share Reels across both platforms seamlessly.

For more information, don’t hesitate to consult Meta’s support articles, such as these:

2. Infographics

Infographics serve as a powerful tool to convey complex information in a visually appealing and easily digestible format for your subscribers. Use them to illustrate your shop’s values, such as “made in Italy,” “organic,” or “vegan,” or to share industry-specific facts and insights.

With their vibrant colours, user-friendly design, and alignment with your brand image, infographics are highly shareable, encouraging engagement among your followers.

For creating these compelling visuals, we recommend leveraging the Canva design tool. It provides customisable infographic templates and user-friendly features, many of which are available for free!

Top tip from our community manager:

One of the best digital marketing tips is to recycle your best-performing publications a few months later! As we don’t always have the inspiration to create new content on social networks, don’t hesitate to republish your most successful posts, or to adapt them in another form.

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