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Calendar - Retail Calendar 2023

25 November 2022

Clara Jammes

A marketing calendar is a document that allows you to identify upcoming key retail dates and seasonal events. It enables you to anticipate and plan for those periods, which will boost business, help your shop thrive and allow you to contend with your competitors. 

Why is having a retail calendar important for a future retailer? 

A retail calendar allows you to manage your business activities effectively. As a future retailer, it’s not only essential to take part in these events but to plan ahead so that you’ll have the right products and quantities in stock when you need them most. A marketing calendar makes it easy to anticipate and prepare for these events.

How to build  a retail calendar

Our Ankorstart experts have identified five key steps to creating an effective marketing calendar: 

  1. Research public holidays celebrated in your area, like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day.
  2. Identify dates that you expect will be commercially viable and that you’ll require seasonal products for, like Black Friday, Halloween, Christmas and the launch date of your shop.
  3. Select the holidays and events in which you’d like to participate. Keep in mind that you’re free to choose not to participate if you don’t find an event exciting or if it doesn’t align with your business. 
  4. Choose one or more promotional mechanisms for each key date, like a contest, giveaway, in-store event or direct promotion.
  5. Set business objectives for each event based on your chosen promotional mechanisms. These can include generating traffic, building customer loyalty, or increasing your average basket.
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