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Calendar - Commercial spaces planning

5 May 2023

Clara Jammes

When opening a physical store, it is crucial to have a well-defined timeline that covers all the essential steps involved before the actual shop opening. 

In understanding the length of the timeline you would face, you should consider each key step involved in opening a store, what their sequence would be and how much time each step will take. Thanks to these considerations, you would be able to build a detailed calendar plan. 

For example, one of the phases you would go through is the research of a commercial space that would meet your needs. You can consider that on average it takes about 2 months and that this step comes right after the initial brainstorming of your business needs in terms of location.
When building your calendar you should put “commercial space research” as the second step and assign it with a timeframe of 8 weeks. 

To make it easier for you to build a full plan for your shop opening, the Ankorstart experts have prepared a template calendar for you, covering the essential 10 steps involved in opening a physical store and assessing the average duration of each one.

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