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Here’s how Ankorstore can benefit your network of independent retailers.

As a brand leveraging Ankorstore’s wholesale platform, you’re undoubtedly attuned to our manifold advantages. Beyond the sheer exposure to over 300,000 retailers spanning Europe, your partnership with Ankorstore affords you access to a suite of digital tools, secure payment guarantees, and streamlined logistics solutions. Our commitment to refining and enhancing our platform stems directly from your invaluable feedback—we’re not just attentive, we’re responsive. With an in-depth understanding of the inherent challenges that comes with the wholesale industry, we’re able to design tangible, tailored solutions to help you achieve and maintain lasting success.

Explore La Baignoire, an exquisite boutique specialising in zero-waste luxury bathroom essentials.

Coralie Leplat, an independent retailer and Ankorstore user, introduces us to La Baignoire, her Parisian sanctuary dedicated to luxurious bathroom essentials and organic, natural products. Immerse yourself in her tranquil oasis. 🛁

Creating financial projections and forecasting for your business plan

Financial projections and forecasting are incredibly important for your retail store. In order to assess the health of your retail venture, you need to be able to look ahead at future inflows and outflows of cash and reassess historic returns. We’ll teach you how in our article.

Candid Studios, Jenna Patties CO and TIED are the Winners of the "Open Your Shop" Competition

Ankorstart’s “Open Your Shop” competition has come to an end with three winners who, with their entrepreneurial project, merge creativity, diversity, and community spirit to the art of retail. Join us as we celebrate their entrepreneurial journey.

Best Loyalty Rewards and Programmes for Your Retail Store

As a new retailer, it is good to start thinking about customer loyalty programmes early. There are many different rewards programmes in use today, so take the time to think about what fits best with your clients and how to make your system a success.

How to pack your parcels to avoid damaged products: 5 tips from our logistics experts

Say goodbye to breakage and damaged products! In today’s fast-paced retail environment, ensuring your parcels arrive intact is crucial for maintaining strong relationships with independent retailers. Our logistics experts have distilled their knowledge into five essential steps that not only reduce breakage but also boost your retailers’ confidence in your brand.

Managing customer reviews: 5 best practices

Make customer reviews work for you! With a staggering 75% of consumers searching online for reviews and information of a product or service before making a purchase, integrating customer reviews into your business strategy as an independent retailer is non-negotiable. Learn how to successfully manage online customer reviews today!

18 Instagram ideas to help your business stand out

Lift your Instagram game with 18 fresh ideas to make your brand shine. Boost engagement and sales—starting now! To help you overcome the challenges of content creation, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide with ideas specifically tailored for Instagram. Whether you’re aiming to connect with your audience, promote your products, or drive engagement, our suggestions are designed to help you achieve your goals effectively.

How to negotiate prices with suppliers

Negotiating with suppliers can be a tricky exercise, especially for first-time independent retailers. Nonetheless, it can make a major difference for your business. Find out what you can do to maximise your chances of a successful supplier negotiation.

Visual Merchandising for Your Store: Design Tips for Your Retail Shop

In this article we’ll cover the key concepts related to visual merchandising. From product placement to window displays and all aspects surrounding your brand image, effective visual marketing affects how your clients see your brand and helps attract clients and improve sales.

Retailers’ stories: the journey of Robin to the opening of his fashion store, “LFC - Be Fresh Wear French”

Learn the story of Robin, the founder of “LFC – Be Fresh Wear French,” a fashion retail store that blends French elegance with global trends, and discover how Ankorstart helped him achieve business success.

13 Facebook post ideas to to boost your business

A tried-and-tested method for boosting your online presence is to leverage Facebook marketing. By invigorating your Facebook presence, you open doors to community building, brand amplification, and the opportunity to be discovered by a new audience.