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How to attract more customers on Ankorstore

11 July 2024

Photo: Melanie Nölken – Kunstschule Design

Optimising your Ankorstore shop page is crucial for attracting more retailers and increasing sales. With simple yet effective strategies, you can boost product visibility, make your shop more appealing, and help retailers easily find what they want. This article will guide you through essential techniques for optimising your Ankorstore page, from SEO tips and stock updates to leveraging marketing channels and email campaigns. 

Alrie Velleman

1. How can you optimise your Ankorstore shop page to attract more customers?

By applying a few easy-to-implement principles to your Ankorstore shop page, you can increase traffic and attract more retailers. 

  • Showcase bestsellers: feature your top-selling products prominently at the top of your catalogue to capture immediate attention.
  • Highlight seasonal products: use collections to showcase and update seasonal items regularly. 
  • Optimise product titles for SEO: use relevant keywords to improve searchability and clarity, making it easier for retailers to find your products.
  • Add relevant tags: use tags like “Handmade” or “Eco-Friendly” to improve filter searches. Ensure your correct location is displayed, as retailers often prefer buying from local brands; the location filter is one of the most frequently used.
  • Import your entire catalogue: avoid disappointing (and frustrating) your customers by uploading your complete catalogue to Ankorstore. Brands offering a full online catalogue see four times more sales than those that don’t.
  • Keep stock levels updated: maintain up-to-date stock levels, ensuring no more than 10% of your catalogue is out of stock. Simplify this process with Ankorstore’s Integrations.
  • Add new products regularly: Regularly introduce new products to get featured on the platform and in our marketing emails.
  • Create traction with limited-time discounts: Offer limited-time discounts at least once a quarter. Provide personalised discounts, apply individual product discounts, and participate in Ankorstore sales events to attract more customers.

We recommend adding it to as many channels as possible, making it easy for customers to find. Here are some effective ways to do this:

  • Install the Ankorstore widget on your website: This widget links directly to your Ankorstore shop page and includes your Lift code (promotional code for retailers.) Did you know? When customers or prospects use your Lift code for their first order with your brand on Ankorstore, you benefit from 0% commission and no service fee on all their orders. Learn more here.
  • Include the link in your email signature: Add your Ankorstore shop link to your professional email signature to reach every recipient with ease.
  • Share on social media: Paste the link to your shop in your Instagram bio and on your Facebook profile. Regularly share updates on social networks when you add new products, participate in commercial events with discounts, or launch limited-time offers. Don’t forget to tag Ankorstore for a chance to be reposted on our profiles!

3. How can you use emails to attract more customers to your Ankorstore shop?

  • Use My Network CRM tool: Add your entire network of existing and prospective customers directly to My Network, Ankorstore’s CRM tool. This enables you to benefit from 0% commission on their orders. You can then easily send them campaigns from your back office.
  • Personalise your communications: Use the segments and filters in My Network to tailor your messages and convert customers or prospects based on their profile, such as those who haven’t ordered this year, have never ordered, or are Ankorstore Plus members.
  • Announce your presence on Ankorstore: If you haven’t already, inform your network about your presence on Ankorstore through My Network or your own CRM tool. Share your shop link and Lift code with them, and remind them of the benefits of ordering via Ankorstore.

4. How can you use offline strategies to attract more customers to your Ankorstore shop?

  • Train your sales teams: Equip your sales teams with the knowledge to direct customers and prospects to your Ankorstore page, enabling them to benefit from the platform’s advantages.
  • Leverage trade shows: Guide your customers or prospects to the Ankorstore platform to place orders and enjoy its benefits. You can mention it when talking to them or by including your shop link in your communication materials, like flyers, banners, and posters.

By following these tips for optimising your Ankorstore shop page, you can attract more retailers, increase your sales and boost your brand’s visibility. Remember to highlight your most popular products, use relevant tags, and ensure your stock is always up to date. Then, promote your shop across all communication channels and use email to keep your customers engaged. Incorporating these practices will help you fully leverage the advantages of the Ankorstore platform and position your shop for lasting success.

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