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4 tips from D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS to increase your sales during the Ankorstore’s Showroom Weeks

6 June 2024

Implement key strategies and advice from D-LAB Nutricosmetics to increase your sales during the Ankorstore Showrooms. Start by informing your network through targeted communication campaigns, then activate and personalise interactions with your prospects and customers. Ensure you have dedicated resources for prompt follow-up during the event. By following these expert tips, you can maximise the impact of your commercial events and boost your sales.

Alrie Velleman

Discover how to use Ankorstore’s Showroom Weeks to increase your sales by implementing key strategies. D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS shares their tried and tested advice for maximising the impact of your event and boosting your sales. Whether leading a large team or running a smaller boutique brand, these tips will help you prepare for our future sales events and achieve outstanding results.

D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS: a Spring Showroom Week success story on Ankorstore

D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS is a French brand offering a wide range of nutritional beauty supplements. With nearly 80 products available on Ankorstore, they regularly feature as one of the most popular beauty brands on our platform. 

During our last Spring Showroom (April 9-16, 2024), D-LAB Nutricosmetics leveraged the event to climb from 14th to 7th place in its category. The brand also secured a spot in the top 50 across all categories and received 45 orders during the week. Isabelle Esturillo, Business Developer at D-LAB Nutricosmetics, shares her top 4 tips for optimising Ankorstore’s Showrooms Weeks.

In a nutshell: Tips from D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS to make your Showroom Week a success:

  1. INFORM your network about the upcoming sales event and the discounts you offer through email, SMS, and phone campaigns.
  2. ACTIVATE your network by adding your prospects and customers to My Network. Use the Welcome offer to convert prospects directly on the platform and retain customers with 0% commission on their orders.
  3. PERSONALISE your written communications and phone reminders based on the retailer’s status, like products in their basket and registration date.
  4. DEDICATE sales resources to ensure responsive and personalised follow-up with your retailers throughout the event.

Let’s dive into the details: best practices for a successful showroom

1. Inform your retailers 📞

To make your Showroom a success, it is essential to inform your network of your participation, both before and during the event. 

  • Before the event: plan e-mail and SMS campaigns to let your network know about the upcoming sales event on Ankorstore. Remember to clearly indicate start and end dates as well as the discount percentage your brand will be offering. Include the link to your Ankorstore shop directly in your communications so that your retailers will have time to prepare their carts in advance.
  • During the event: send another campaign reminding retailers of the main points (your discount and the end date of the event). Don’t hesitate to use appropriate words and phrases, like “last chance”, “don’t miss this opportunity to…”, “exclusively available from x to x”, etc. We also advise you to follow up these campaigns with telephone reminders. Retailers appreciate direct, personal contact.

2. Activate your network 💚

These events offer the perfect opportunity to activate your network of prospects and customers! Add their addresses to My Network before contacting them to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Enjoy 0% commission and service fees on all orders from your prospects and existing customers added to My Network. Learn more in our dedicated FAQ article.
  • Activate your network by offering prospects and customers (who haven’t ordered from Ankorstore before) an additional discount during the Showroom Week. New customers using your Lift code at checkout will receive a voucher fully-funded by Ankorstore to spend on the platform. After applying the promo code, they’ll also enjoy a 10% discount on all Ankorstore orders for the next 30 days. Click here to learn more.

3. Personalise your communications ✏️

For the best chance of making sales during the Showroom Week, we recommend personalising your communications as much as possible, whether via e-mail and SMS campaigns, or directly over the telephone.

For example, you can personalise your communications according to the target audience:

  • For your prospects: present your brand (history, values, bestsellers) and focus your message on discovery at a reduced price, either through your discount during the event or thanks to Ankorstore’s Welcome offer (redeemable using your Lift code). 
  • For your active customers: focus your campaign on reordering at low prices, or restocking at low prices before their products are out of stock.

You can also personalise your communications according to your customers’ buying history: 

  • Reminder them of previous orders.
  • Focus on products that would be perfect for their shop.

If your prospects and/or customers are not yet registered with Ankorstore, be sure to highlight the benefits of joining the platform, such as a minimum order of €100, flexible payment terms, and free delivery on all first orders with a brand (conditions apply). You can also use or draw inspiration from our ready-made email templates available on our Campaign tool.

4. Dedicate time to focus specifically on this event ⏱️

In order to offer the best possible service to your customers during the event, we recommend that you commit dedicated time specifically to the Showroom Week. This allows you to respond promptly to your retailers’ questions. You’ll also be able to follow up on orders over the telephone throughout the week. 

If you’re managing your brand independently without a dedicated sales manager, consider scheduling specific time slots in your calendar to focus exclusively on this project—whether it’s only for a few minutes once or twice a day.

With expert advice from D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS, you are now ready to maximise the impact of our events and increase your sales!

Thanks to Isabelle Esturillo and D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS for sharing her top tips with us! 

Discover our tips for making the most of Ankorstore. Read our blog posts to find inpsitaion, tools and new ideas!

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