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Make the most of Ankorstore

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Increase your sales with Ankorstore's benefits: expand your network and facilitate your reorders

21 June 2023

Want to expand your network and increase your sales? Discover the best practices to implement when you use Ankorstore and boost your sales with our tools designed specially for brands.

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1. Expand your network and increase your conversion rate with our Referral Offer

Our Referral Offer is a unique marketing tool that you can use to invite your prospects and existing customers to Ankorstore.

How does it work?

Invite your business contacts to shop on Ankorstore through the “Campaigns” tool from your account, by sharing the link to your shop page or by installing the Ankorstore Widget on your website.

The retailers that you invite will receive a unique Referral Code that will allow them to benefit from a discount on their first order with your brand. They will also enjoy a 10% discount on their Ankorstore orders for the next 30 days. This offer is valid for new Ankorstore retailers only.

(For more information about Referral, click here).

Retailers can benefit from the discount on their first order with your brand by entering the unique Referral Code at checkout.

What's the benefit for me as a brand?

  • You develop your network of professionals by encouraging new customers to buy from your brand on Ankorstore.
  • You sell products to your customers with a discount, which is covered in full by Ankorstore.

Where can I find my unique Referral Code?

You will find your personal Referral Code in the ‘My Network’ tab of your Ankorstore account, in the bar at the top of the page.

2. Increase your reorders

We know that brands like yours rely on reorders from loyal customers to keep their business running. On our platform, you will find a number of tools to facilitate the process of reordering and thus increase your sales.

Use our ‘Prepared Orders’ feature

This feature allows you to simplify the ordering process for your customers and increase your average basket. 

You can take orders directly from your retailers and prospects via email, WhatsApp, phone or in person, and send them a pre-filled basket, even when they don’t yet have an account on Ankorstore. All they have to do is make the payment.

For more information, click here.

Offer a personalised discount to your retailers

Increase your conversion rate: use our ‘Personalised Discount’ feature to encourage a customer to place an order, reward a retailer for their loyalty or offer them the same benefits as buying directly from you. 

Useful information: 

  • Discounts range from 1% to 70%, apply to your entire catalogue and can be customised by retailer.
  • You can apply a discount to retailers of your choice, as long as they have an Ankorstore account and are in your MyNetwork contact list. 
  • Discounts are covered in full by your brand and you can manually remove them at any time.

For more information, click here.

‘Reorder’ feature for retailers

Retailers can easily reorder their favourite products from your brand in one click by going to the ‘Reorder’ tab of their Ankorstore account. 

Discover our tips for making the most of Ankorstore. Read our blog posts to find inpsitaion, tools and new ideas!

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