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Template - Creating the ultimate brand prospecting plan

9 November 2022

Your prospecting plan is the set of steps you need to take as a retailer to acquire new suppliers and to negotiate personalised discounts with your brands, something you can do entirely through Ankorstore. Preparation is key when it comes to prospecting brands for your shop efficiently and effectively.

Clara Jammes

Top 5 brand prospecting tips

  1. Use Ankorstore to explore brands and determine which ones to contact. 
  2. Create a spreadsheet containing all your prospects’ relevant information or use the Ankorstore template. 
  3. Rank your prospects from the most important (those you’d like to contact first) to the least important (those you plan to contact last).
  4. Reach out to every brand on your list and discuss the possibility of a personalised discount.
  5. Keep your spreadsheet up to date, so you know the status of each prospect.

Your prospecting spreadsheet

Create a table to keep track of your prospecting progress using the details below: product category, company/Supplier, website or Ankorstore page, priority level, contact info…


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