“Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know”, is Caroline’s advice. According to her, the key to success is to talk about the project with as many people as possible and to use word of mouth to find solutions: the town hall, the town centre manager, local shopkeepers, Ankorstart and Arnaud… so many people who all contribute to the success of a business. Caroline and Philippe saw Ankorstart’s support as an opportunity to advance their project while saving time.

Finding the perfect location and negotiating the commercial lease is also essential. According to Caroline, “A future retailer must look for and take the time to create an ‘event’ with their opening. You shouldn’t be afraid to embark on renovation work and put your own stamp on a place. You have to create YOUR story, that’s what will bring people in.” Caroline and Philippe have chosen a location in a little frequented area of Arcachon – an old warehouse opposite the station – but have carried out major work to make it a unique destination. They were able to negotiate its commercial lease at a great deal and therefore free up cash for other projects.