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An independent retailer’s ultimate guide to Easter

1 March 2023

Easter is just around the corner, marking the first major holiday since Christmas. This is a great opportunity for independent retailers to enjoy a seasonal boost to sales whilst customers enjoy the four-day holiday weekend and time with friends and family.

With the right strategies and promotions, independent retailers can make the most of this special time of year and create a memorable shopping experience for your customers.

To help you get your shop ready for Easter, we asked Sodia Haddassi-Amma, founder of independent concept store, Beldi Maison, to share more about her store and her top tips for increasing sales and engaging with your customers. 

Lea Pillot

Please tell us a little about you and your store?

We are a home and lifestyle store focusing on sustainable products where possible. We also run workshops for children and adults in our space!

How do you plan for Easter in your store?

We have a selection of chocolates and cards available, as well as Easter-themed accessories for children. We also plan Easter-themed workshops for children during the Easter holidays!

What are your bestselling items around this time of year?

Homeware items are popular at this time of year for those who are looking to freshen up their home for spring, as well as candles and beauty gifts for upcoming events such as Mother’s Day.

For children, bunny-themed items such as Miffy and Bunny Ears from Talking Tables have already been popular!

You have a thriving online presence, do you do anything special on your website for Easter?

Making it easy for my customers to shop on my website is very important to me. This year, I’ll create an Easter Gift Guide on the Beldi Maison website so that customers can find sustainable gift ideas without the hassle. 

How do you promote your business’s sustainable values over Easter?

We stock chocolate from Coco Pzazz and The Raw Chocolate Company, who both use biodegradable packaging, as well as cards with biodegradable cellophanes.

Do you create any special window or in-store displays?

Last year we had a spring-themed window display, complete with handmade giant crepe flowers which our customers loved so much that they asked for a workshop teaching them how to make them!

What are your top 3 merchandising tips for Easter?

1. Create a section where all the Easter chocolates and treats can be found in one place.
2. Set up a display where products with complimenting  seasonal colours can be displayed together.
3. Use a display table to showcase Easter gift selections.

How do you create excitement for your customers at Easter?

We run drawing competitions for children, which are always very popular!

How do you promote Easter on your social media platforms?

We create Easter-themed posts showing gift suggestions and Easter-themed baking recipes to help get our customers involved with the fun activities that this time of year brings. 

What Ankorstore brands are you buying for Easter this year?

I’ll be buying from Coco Pzazz, Lorna Syson, Raw Chocolate Company, and Made By Shannon. These brands reflect the sustainable values of my shop and are popular with our customers.

What tips would you give to other independent retailer owners this Easter?

My number one top is to listen to your customers. Last year I had a lot of requests for Easter cards and I didn’t have a wide enough selection, so this year I have made sure to be more prepared.

Do Ankorstore’s buying conditions make it easier for you to shop Easter products? 

The minimum order of £100 per brand means you can easily get a variety of products and brands in store without risking cashflow.


We hope Sodia’s tips have inspired you to get your shop ready for the Easter holiday. Discover hundreds of unique items from brands across Europe in Ankorstore’s Easter selection now.

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