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The top colour trend of autumn 2023: discover our curated selection

19 September 2023

No colour is perhaps as evocative as green in its multidimensional tones. It also happens to be the top trending colour of autumn 2023, so clear a shelf or two in your shop for some gorgeous green products. 

Lea Pillot

The colour green is woven into the tapestry of each legend and fable of every country throughout the ages, from the mythical Brocéliande Forest where Merlin and Morgan worked their magic, to the haunted Highlands in which the Loch Ness monster is rumoured to roam. 

Rich, deep, greens lure us in amongst the trees, inviting us to explore Sleeping Beauty’s forest or Mowgli’s jungle home. From the honeydew hues of Tinkerbell to the chartreuse skin of the Wicked Witch of the West, delicate, more complex greens conjure childhood memories of fairytale characters.

With the wave of a metaphorical magic wand, these multifaceted shades have the power to transport us back to our childhood or another world entirely. And now, these shades can be in your store.

It’s no coincidence that the colour green also represents envy – because after exploring our magical selection of green autumn products, you’ll wish you could order them all!

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