With more and more consumers becoming increasingly mindful of their carbon footprint, it’s safe to say that slow fashion, also known as ethical or fair fashion, is here to stay. 

The once-popular fast fashion industry embraced by retail giants is gradually losing its shine. In its place, gradually gaining speed is slow fashion – not just a trend but a mindful lifestyle practised by environmentally conscious customers who are no longer content to look good unless it’s accompanied by doing good too. 

This month, as fashion weeks across the globe celebrate the industry’s best and brightest, we thought we’d highlight the top Ankorstore brands dedicated to environmental and social responsibility.

Explore our favourite slow fashion brands and celebrate sustainability all year round.


1. Hindbag: timeless bags and accessories  

With 100% organic cotton bags and accessories that carry the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) label, Hindbag’s products are intended to be worn and re-worn for decades. 

It’s not just what they’re made from that makes them so ethical; it’s who they’re made by.

Hindbag creates its products in partnership with an Indian NGO committed to empowering disadvantaged Delhi women. In addition to receiving training and education for their children, the women are hired to make Hindbag’s products for three times the average Indian salary.

Marque de Slow Fashion : Hindbag

📍 Brand location: Paris, France

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2. O My Bag: the bag you carry tells a story; let it be a good one

O My Bag’s story is to improve the world, one ethical accessory at a time. The Dutch brand connects producers with the global marketplace to create fair employment opportunities. 

Each O My Bag piece is made with high-quality, sustainable, low-impact materials, guaranteeing longevity and durability. Who said sustainability couldn’t be sophisticated?

📍 Brand location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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3. Erlich Textil: feel-good lingerie, in every sense 

Sarah and Benjamin founded Erlich Textil in 2016 with the goal of creating lingerie that makes its wearer feel better in every respect. The Cologne-based brand is characterised by its sustainable materials and timeless, understated designs. 

In addition to men’s and women’s underwear and bedding, the brand has added home textiles, childrenswear and natural cosmetics to its product range.

Marque de Slow Fashion : erlich textil
📍 Brand location: Cologne, Germany

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4. Duuo: 100% vegan sneakers

This Spanish brand is out to prove that it’s possible to create comfortable and fashionable footwear without using animals. Their stylish vegan trainers come in various unique colourways and embrace sustainability with every step. Each pair of kicks is created from recycled materials and follows the latest design trends. 

Duuo lives and breathes sustainable mobility – protecting people and the planet by maintaining fair working conditions across its entire production cycle.

Marque de Slow Fashion : Duuo

📍 Brand location: Barcelona, Spain

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5. Original Duckhead: style and sustainability for rainy days

Since 2012, Original Duckhead has encouraged its customers to embrace and enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing style or sustainability. 

With playfully designed umbrellas made from recycled, biodegradable and sustainably sourced materials, Original Duckhead’s products are guaranteed to brighten up rainy days for years to come.

📍 Brand location: London, England

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6. Reliée Studio: the second chance materials deserve

Reliée Studio is the brain-child of Soledad and Isabel – two Barcelona-based designers who decided to unite and be the change in the fashion industry they wanted to see. 

Their ethical production model entails giving textiles and leather that have been left out of the production cycle a second chance. Soledad and Isabel breathe new life into remnants of previous collections and pieces of material deemed defective or imperfect and create collections of unique, limited-edition bags and accessories.

Marque de Slow Fashion : Reliée Studio

📍 Brand location: Barcelona, Spain

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We hope this list has inspired you to make the world a better place by stocking your shelves with sustainable products.  

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