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Sun, Sea, and Sales: Get your online store summer-ready in 6 simple steps

4 July 2023

Your ticket to a worry-free summer holiday starts here! Follow this checklist to prepare your online store before setting sail on a delightful summer holiday.

Picture : No Broccoli shop in Amsterdam.

Read on to discover the 6 must-dos before you jet off:

Alrie Velleman

1. Store ready, mind at ease

Get your store ready for your absence by tending to these essential details.

  • Make sure your entire catalogue is online and up to date.
  • Verify that your Ankorstore prices align with those listed on your other professional sales channels.
  • Anticipate your retailers’ expectations:
    • Adjust delivery times
    • Add tracking links

2. Clear your seasonal stock

A fast, effective way to boost your sales.

  • Bundle complementary products of unsold stock and sell.
  • Set up a promotion of your products.
  • Send an e-mail campaign to your customers from “My Network” or with your own CRM tool.

Top Tip: To ensure your promotion has the greatest impact, run it for a maximum of 7 days.


3. Get ready for the back-to-school buzz

Create your action plan and set the stage for the next quarter.

  • Research upcoming sales and trade highlights to stay ahead of the game.
  • Prepare irresistible offers and a strategic communication plan. 
  • Share your brilliant plan with your team to ensure everyone is in sync.

Top Tip: Fortune favors the prepared! Anticipate and plan for sales events at least 2 months in advance for maximum impact.


4. Communicate with your retailers and stay connected

Nurture strong retailer relationships and keep them informed so they can prepare too.

  • Draft your out-of-office message and include options to inform your customers about:
  • Let them know about expected shipping times for orders.
  • Follow up and encourage them to place orders before you leave.

Top Tip: Remind merchants who have used your personal referral code that they get 10% off all their orders for 30 days.


5. Ensure inbound sales with smart strategies

Effortlessly generate orders.

  • Supercharge your website by installing the Ankorstore widget for seamless access.
  • Get an Insta-impact by mentioning you’re on Ankorstore in your Instagram bio for increased visibility.
  • Include your Ankorstore store page link in your away post to successfully redirect customer requests related to your business.

Top Tip: Make it easy for customers to find you. Add Linktree to your Instagram bio and house multiple links in one convenient spot.


6. Automate your campaigns for an uninterrupted presence

Help your merchants keep you top of mind even while you’re away.

  • Prepare engaging emails and schedule them with ease using your CRM tool.
  • Create and schedule compelling content on your social networks by using tools like Later to automate post publishing.
  • Streamline support by including a link to Ankorstore Customer Service in your away message, and our dedicated team will handle any order-related queries during your absence.

Top Tip: Repurpose your content across different communication channels to amplify your impact and reach a wider audience.


→ Download your checklist


We wish you a splendid summer holiday!Ready to enhance your Ankorstore experience? Take a look at our Brand Success Guide on Ankorstore and unleash your brand’s potential.

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