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Learn all about the Ankorstore Business Breakfast event

1 December 2023

Andrea Landi

On 7th November, Ankorstore welcomed brands and retailers for a morning of networking, insightful presentations, and product discovery.
The event was hosted in London and showcased the company’s dedication to fostering the growth of independent retail all over the UK. 

Discovering Brands

The heart of the event was a curated area featuring 136 samples from 32 different brands from all product categories, including Home & Kitchen, Stationery & Hobbies, Baby & Kids, Beauty & Wellness, Jewellery, Food & Drinks. 

With this unique setup, attendees had the chance to engage with products first hand – touching, smelling, tasting, feeling the textures and envisioning how they could fit into their own retail spaces.

So much so that over 70% of them discovered new brands that they are now planning to add to their shop assortment.
Plus, representatives of some of the brands were on hand to share their stories, explaining the uniqueness of their products and offering all kinds of insights behind their brands.

Presentations That Inspire

The event was much more than a product showcase; it also provided valuable insights into the retail landscape. Two presentations took center stage during the event. The first explored retail trends within the Ankorstore platform, offering a glimpse into the evolving landscape of independent retail. 

As a retailer it's a great opportunity to see what the brands are doing and hear about any trends!
Anonymous retailer 1

The second presentation focused on the Ankorstart support programme for future retailers, outlining the free help that the programme can provide to all future entrepreneurs in the process of opening a retail shop, starting from a better definition of the business idea to stock optimisation post opening.
On stage, Ankorstart coaches told success stories of retailers they have supported during their work, explaining how the programme has empowered entrepreneurs on their journey to shop opening.

I really appreciated meeting the Ankorstore team, and putting faces to names. It was really valuable to sit through both presentations, and I took some really good notes!
Anonymous retailer 2

Networking and Shared Stories

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity for retailers to connect with each other. 

It was great to connect with other retailers, I exchanged my details with a few, it is so nice to have like minded entrepreneurs in my network.
Anonymous retailer 3

Participants engaged in meaningful conversations, talked about their retail journeys, and shared learnings and advice.
Meaningful conversations flowed, and our team was right there in the mix, answering questions and discussing everything retail. 

Tailored Support for New Retailers

Retailers that joined the event had different levels of experience, some of them were long established businesses, others were just at the beginning of their retailer journey. For them the event was the perfect opportunity to meet their Ankorstart retail coach in person. From optimising assortments to navigating custom fees when importing stock from the EU, newbies had the chance to address specific questions and concerns, gaining valuable insights for their retail ventures.

Logo Ankorstart
Ready to open your shop?

Delicious Breakfast and Thoughtful Gifts

To top off the experience, Ankorstore treated attendees to a delicious breakfast, setting a convivial atmosphere for networking and discussions, and gifted everyone with a tote bag with a selection of samples, to take the event’s essence home with them.

Our Commitment

The Ankorstore Business Breakfast event was a testament to the company’s commitment to the thriving future of independent retail.
From hands-on product experiences to insightful presentations and networking opportunities, the event encapsulated the essence of Ankorstore’s mission of making the world of independent retail thrive.

The event was super inspiring!
Anonymous retailer 4
I loved touching the products and meeting brand owners
Anonymous retailer 5
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