Ankorstore, Europe’s fastest growing B2B marketplace for independent retailers, strives to bridge the gap between retail and tech to help small and medium size companies make smarter business decisions. Our Public API is built for businesses who want to automate and reduce those tiny, but tedious tasks that are part of growing a retail company.

Start automating and and simplifying the way you work 

Optimising order management for a small to medium sized business is no easy task. Ankorstore’s API allows for an easier way to update stock levels, manage and ship orders on Ankorstore, from the tools you already love. The API can integrate with systems and e-commerce sites such as Intuit, WeClapp, Odoo, Prestashop, Sage, Shopify, WooCommerce and so many more. 

Ankorstore’s Public API helps brands and makers to integrate with their own ERP systems to save time, gain efficiency and focus on nurturing B2B relationships. 

Retail businesses that are able to scale are the ones who take the right steps to lean out their workflow and improve their supply chain. Expanding your sales distribution channel helps to generate revenue, like selling on Ankorstore. However, the more distribution channels added, the higher the order demand, and the more complex your supply chain becomes. We’re already one step ahead — automating parts of your business by using an API helps free up time, and lets you and your team focus on the big picture.

How Ankorstore help small businesses, brands and makers strengthen their supply chain?

When it comes to managing orders from customers across a continent, as a business owner you want to ensure you have the most cost effective, time saving and efficient process for you, and your buyers. Outside of being a marketplace, Ankorstore allows brands and retailers to expand their network and do business together. We provide services that strengthen your supply chain. Ankorstore offers fulfillment in addition to our API – if you cut down the manual work of inputting orders, updating your stock levels, and packaging and shipping items – your business will soar. Our fulfillment services (available only in France) give business owners a chance to off-load the heavy lifting of packaging and shipping orders.

Your questions about our API answered

1. How can I get started using Ankorstore’s Public API?

If you are currently selling your products on Ankorstore, you can get started using the API to synchronise orders and update stock levels for your store front Ankorstore. The API is powerful, and customisable, allowing you to choose what data is sent from Ankorstore, to your integrated system. To get started, visit the Integrations tab in your back office and read our FAQ. Please note, technical experience is required for setting it up. 

2. I’m not a brand or maker selling on Ankorstore, but would like access to the Public API? 

Our API is public so you can integrate with it and start using it right away. See our technical documentation to help you get started. 

3. How can I see what updates or improvements happen on the API? 

You can read the latest version of our technical documentation, we will continue to make improvements to our Public API.

4. How can I contact someone from Ankorstore regarding Integration or App partnerships?

You can get in touch with our product team by emailing Someone from the team would be happy to chat with you.