The best point of sale systems for small retail stores

The POS is part of the customer experience. Here are a few pieces of advice to ensure you will choose the right tool…

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How do I get a business licence for a retail store in the UK?

The choice of your business licence for your retail store is not that simple. Follow these experts’ tips to understand…

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How to layout a retail store

Here are a few pieces of advice to help you understand which are the main steps to follow while deciding the layout of…

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How to start a retail clothing store

When opening a new shop, particularly in the clothing business, an attention to the financing, legal, strategic aspects…

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How to start a successful food business

Opening a new food business means dealing with difficult topics: financing, business plan, supplier management, legal…

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Discover the simple steps to open a decoration and interior shop

Decoration retails are trendy and are the focus of much attention from those thinking of opening a business in 2023.…

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Opening a concept store: how to get it started

Concepts Stores are particular places for particular customers. From the original idea to the store opening, many steps…

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