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The free coaching programme tailored for entrepreneurs opening a shop

Ankorstart is carefully designed to ensure business success

The programme will help you fine-tune your business concept and build a strong assortment strategy. This will empower you to strengthen your position when seeking financing, craft a comprehensive business plan, attract a larger customer base, and foster lasting customer loyalty.

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Ankorstart supports independent businesses from the first day.
“Ankorstart offers effective support that meets the needs of future retailers. My expert was attentive and I was able to receive real relevant advice”
Thomas Perez
Au bleu marché
“Ankorstart helped me choose from the large number of brands based on my tastes, the universe I wanted and the different categories of products I wanted to offer. Ankorstart is really ideal for getting started!”
Gladys Labonde
So Glad Cadeaux & Co
“The Ankorstart experts helped me find a selection of products in line with the values of my store. They allowed me to have access to wholesale prices even before my company was created, it helped me enormously for the realization of my business plan and especially to determine my commercial strategy. Thanks to their support, we were also able to set up the payment at 60 days, which is very appreciable at the start of his business when we do not have much cash”
Antoine Dournel
Antoine's Cabin
“My Ankorstart expert was available, responsive, reassuring and gave good advice. For a first set-up, Ankorstart makes it possible to simplify and optimize the construction of its offer, and above all to order small quantities and therefore take less risk.”
Myriam Ferrand
The good life